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Lleida, Spain


In Lleida, the water smart industrial symbiosis exists since 2009 and interlinks the Mahou San Miguel (MSM) brewery with a multinational utility Aqualia as well as the local municipal utility of Lleida and the Catalan Water Agency.
The brewery has its own wastewater treatment plant. However, up to now, there is no water reclaimed and no energy recovered. Mahou San Miguel desires to reduce its water consumption by 10% by 2025, which shall be facilitated by the Ultimate solution for water reclamation, in which Pentair XFlow participes actively with nanofiltration technology. In addition, energy shall be recovered in the form of biogas and be converted as efficiently as possible to electricity and heat. According to preliminary estimations, the surplus electricity produced by the proposed Ultimate solution might supply a significant fraction of the thermal energy and electricity needs amounting to 3% and 30%, respectively. The carbon footprint shall be also reduced due to Mahou San Miguel´s commitment to green energy and self-sufficiency.

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