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NextGen Interactive Platform

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The NextGen Interactive Platform is an online, flexible, and adaptable system designed to facilitate the discovery and sharing of information about innovative and transformational circular economy solutions and systems. It acts as a hub for stakeholders to connect and delve into best practices related to resource use in the key areas of Water, Energy, and Materials. The NextGen Interactive Platform comprises three primary components: The Marketplace, the Technology Evidence Base, and the Toolkit.

As of March 2022, the NextGen Interactive Platform ceased operation and transitioned into its next phase, known as the WE Marketplace.

Target audience

Commercial entities, technology providers, utilities, government bodies and any other stakeholder with interest in the Circular Economy

Owner of the product

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Actors, their roles and interactions

From the perspective of stakeholders, three key players in the CE should be represented in a marketplace for the CE:

  • Problem owners are often utilities, authorities, or industries, seeking to find the best solution to turn linear processes within their organisation into circular ones, reducing waste and reusing resources.
  • Solution providers are usually commercial entities, offering a technology or a service as part of a CE enabling portfolio.
  • A third group of key stakeholders are Investors, seeking opportunities to maximize investment revenues.

Next to the above key players, there are other stakeholders that may have an interest in participating in a marketplace, each of them from their own perspective, such as representatives of regulatory bodies, NGOs and academics.

The NextGen online Marketplace provides a platform, which brings together all major key players, supporting their individual needs.

Technical requirements

Any modern browser with Internet access.

Software data

  • SaaS - Web application


Technologies applied by the product

Energy recovery technologies

In order to mitigate the human made climate change, we urgently need a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy…

  • bolt

Material recovery technologies

  • insights

Resource for Circular Economy